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UNECA : Social Cohesion in Eastern Africa

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Thème abordé dans le document: Afrique orientale et australe (anglophone); Inégalité; Migration; Pauvreté;
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Resumé du document : Poverty, inequality, migration and political instability threaten social cohesion in East Africa. Yet the region has withstood these challenges positively a new report launched by the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA).<br /> The report notes some paradoxes, for example, the official estimate of the number of people living in poverty is different in many countries the number of people who see themselves as living in poverty. Understanding the perceptions is essential to understand the state of social cohesion, the report said. The latter lists the challenges facing the East African countries, as the means to face the most rapid rate of urbanization in the world, high levels of violence based on gender in some countries or alcohol abuse in some regions. For the CEA, the solutions born of solidarity between countries. "Some threats to social cohesion does not respect national borders. Such threats require a regional response," insists Emelang Leteane, economist at ECA.

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