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Zambia: The Office of the Auditor-General is doing more checking.

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Thème abordé dans le document: Afrique; Coopération; Corruption; Développement;
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Resumé du document : "Why Zambia has serious corruption problems and faces significant challenges in its efforts to develop a transparent, efficient system for the management of public funds. Substantial misappropriations have been revealed in the Ministry of Health, and the Zambian Office of the Auditor-General recently published a critical report on overspending by the National Road Fund Agency. Combating corruption is a difficult process when corruption has permeated every level of the political and administrative culture, but an important countermeasure is to strengthen watchdog institutions, in terms of both professional expertise and autonomy. The Zambian Office of the Auditor-General is one such institution. In the late 1990s, the office was struggling to deal with low staffing levels, the poor quality and limited scope of public service audits, several years of delay in submitting audit reports to the parliament and the lack of follow-up of audit comments." "Norad results report 2010" dd

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