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Small Scale Sustainable Farmers Are Cooling Down The Earth. Via Campesina Views paper 5 2009

Type du document: Ouvrages
Thème abordé dans le document: Agriculteur; ALTERNATIVES; Bio-diversité; Développement durable;
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Resumé du document : "Current global modes of production, consumption and trade have caused massive environmental destruction including global warming that is putting at risk our planet’s ecosystems and pushing human communities into disasters. Global warming shows the effects of a development model based on capital concentration, high fossil energy consumption, overproduction, consumerism and trade liberalization. Global warming has been taking place for decades, but most governments have refused to deal with its roots and causes. It has been only recently, once transnational coporations have been able to set up huge money-­making schemes, that we hear about possible solutions designed and controlled by big companies, and backed up by governments." "Via Campesina Views paper 5 2009" dd

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