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Non-local boundary anisotropic problem with L1 - data and variable exponent

Type du document: Ouvrages
Thème abordé dans le document: MATHEMATIQUES PURES ET APPLIQUEES;
Nombre de pages : 21 pages
Date de publication : 2022-08-01
Edition du document : Université Thomas Sankara
le(s) auteur(s) du document : A. KABORE ; S. OUARO
Source vers le document: Document au format pdf; de taille 0.559607 Mb.
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Resumé du document : The interest to study problems with variable exponents instead of constant exponent is linked to a large scale of applications that involve some nonhomogeneous materials (blood for example). It is already known that for an appropriate treatment of these materials, classical Sobolev and Lebesgue spaces are not adequate, so we have to allow the exponent to vary. We can refer here to electrorheological fluids (see [1, 9, 21]) thermorheological fluids, modelling of propagation of epidemic disease (see [3]), image restoration (see [8]). In order to answer to the preoccupation for the nonhomogeneous materials that behave differently on different spaces direction, the anisotropic space with variable exponents are introduced. It is not a surprise to meet new difficulties when passing from isotropic variable exponent to anisotropic variables exponents. To overcome these difficulties, we combine the classical techniques with the recent techniques that have appeared when treating anisotropic problems with variables exponents

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